Apply for Spring 2019


Applications accepted until enrollment is full. Send an email to Professor Paul Scolieri with the subject heading “2019 seminar application” and the following information in the message:

  1. Name
  2. School, Year
  3. Major/Concentration
  4. List any and all courses you’ve taken that satisfy the course pre-requisite: a history course in any of the performing or media arts (theater, dance, music, film, etc.)
  5. A brief statement (about 150 words) about your personal, artistic, and/or academic interest in this course, including any ideas about how the course might support your creative or scholarly pursuits. Please mention any experiences that inform your interest in archival and/or new media research (other courses, research, internships, work, etc.), if any.
  6. Include the following statement in your application: “I acknowledge that in Spring 2019, the seminar will meet on Thursdays from 2:10PM-4PM, some weeks at Barnard and others at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts (NYPLPA) at Lincoln Center and that by submitting this application, I am willing and able to arrive at the NYPLPA by 2PM on designated days, as well as to conduct research during the library’s regular hours:”

Applications accepted until enrollment is full.

Questions? Contact Professor Scolieri at